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Domain names are the real estate of the Internet and one of the toughest challenges when branding an online company is finding that elusive matching .com domain name. The immediate temptation is to create a mutated version of your proposed company name by adding a hyphen, or chopping the name in pieces, (e.g., QualiProSys.com) or admitting defeat and taking the .net or .biz extension. Ouch!

But short-term compromise can come back to haunt you in the years ahead, especially if a competitor or domain squatter sits on your “real” name. Or you find yourself spelling the name out at every mention.

There are thousands of domain name registrars but to get someone to speak to in simple terms and give that elusive non technical advise long unfriendly road.


Enter tq6 – a specialist in domain name branding with a focus on providing the benefits of brand recognition and a strong web presence. From Domain Advisory to Acquisition . From Trademarks to WIPO Disputes and from Cloud computing to Amazon Web Hosting we understand it all.

At tq6 seek to understand a business’s objectives and help to establish a brand name that exclusively identify the brand owner as the source of products or services. We also help to protect proprietary rights in relation to a brand name through developing and implementing an effective domain name registration and trademark strategies. And if the right domain name is taken, we’ll help negotiate a domain purchase.


ideaTree seed funds and mentors tq6.com to help build expertise and domain name strategies. Today tq6 has over 1100+ Domain Names strong.

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