Voodle – Memories in motion

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Voodle is an App that allows you to create memories with your pictures by converting them into videos.

People love sharing pictures on social media channels with their friends and family and our challenge has been to think of a way to get people to share fantastic videos on the go with ease by using their smart phones and tablets.


Voodle – Memories in Motion which automatically combine photos of friends & family by sequencing them into videos and build video greetings using life’s amazing moments like Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Festival’s & Holidays.

Turn your friends and family’s social media gallery or device photo library into a source for videos with pre-selected music or choose music from iTunes in your device’s music library


ideaTree continues to mentor and fund Voodle through its team of highly motivated and die hard developers who constantly manage developing new video templates allowing people to create world class videos as memories.

www.voodle.io →